Huge Ecommerce site in the making

This site has around 3000 categories, was launched just two weeks ago. We just started posting products two days ago and already over 1000 products posted. We are American owned, but operate out of China. I'm an American living in China. We plan to have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of listings. I decided to speed up the process and save my brain by using the Sebdelaweb Snuf Theme. It has nice soft colors and we really like that. We have many partners here in China, so please keep an eye on us, we are dedicated 100% to our mission... We can use this theme, and let it evolve into our own flavor over time. Thanks for your hardwork Seb.

Snuf. Can you please explain how to set up the news letter email?

I'm talking about the home page. I have no experience doing this and could use the help. I am sure its a simple process. When installing Snuf, the install recommended I use contact form 7. I have everything else on the homepage set except this portion. 

Please help me kind sir.